Detailed Services

Physical examination

oralcamera ,otoscope ,ophthalmoscope and stethoscope.

Digital x-ray

with hip and elbow assessment and cardiac measures, Doppler ultrasound and Vet ECG.

Veterinary lab.

Powered by Idexx “the most specific and accurate veterinary equipment” and also all other diagnostic lab test are also available


All cats and dogs vaccines are available to pet passports, travel papers, pet microchip and certified rabies titer test


, orthopaedic, ophthalmic, digestive, respiratory, oncology, Urinary, cesarian, spaying and neutering


Specialized dentists to do dental scaling and tooth removal and transplant another dental procedure.

Gynecology department

to monitor estrus , hormones, mating and pregnancy also available semen analysis and artificial insemination.


In house hospitalization facility for sick pets and also boarding facility

Grooming section

area to do all hair cuts , nail care and shower and also medical shower ( antibacterial or anti-parasitic).

In house veterinary pharmacy

in house veterinary pharmacy